Become Unstuck and Live Your Best Life!

What do you want? I mean what do you really want? It's a harder question that it seems, isn't it?


The first problem is that for too many of us "what we want" is actually what we think we should want and not what we really want for ourselves. People tell you that you should want to be rich, so you think you want to be rich, but do you really or do you just want to not worry about money? That's just one example.


First, you need to understand you own values, your own desires, your own goals.

Then, you can make a plan and devise a strategy to move towards them.


That's where a coach comes in. A coach doesn't teach you anything except how to access the truth of what you already know: a more complex proposition than it sounds at first.

Schedule a Complementary Coaching Session

You may notice that there is no place on this page to buy anything. You cannot buy a coaching program here. Coaching is a relationship. I have to be a match for you, and you have to be a match for me. I don't want one red cent of your money until I know that I can help you and that I want to work with you.


The first step is a complementary coaching session. We'll schedule a time, and you'll bring a particular challenge you'd like to make some progress on.


Chances are we won't fix that problem in one session, but you'll get a sense of how I work, and I'll get a sense of how you work, and we'll get a sense of if we want to work together.


If we fit, we work together. If not, we part friends or I refer you to other coaches I know who might be a better fit.


I know you've got a problem you'd like to get a little help with. Use the calendar below to schedule your complementary session, and I'll help bring some clarity and vision to your life.

Michael Whitehouse