Do you feel like you are running faster and faster but never getting ahead?

There is so much to do! You try to manage your time, but there's just not enough hours in the day. Taking care of your family, building your business, working, and, if you can find the time, taking care of yourself.


No matter how hard you work, you don't seem to get ahead.


You are in good company. Today, there is an epidemic of busy-ness. We are made to feel that if we are not working, then we do not have value. So we work harder and harder. We wear ourselves out and wear ourselves down.


What if you could work less, take care of yourself more, and actually achieve your goals?

In this $5 program, I have created 5 simple exercises that will help you to

  • Clarify your goals
  • Appreciate what you already have
  • Leverage your network
  • Determine the most powerful next steps


Powerful Exercises

Learn through LIVE INTERACTIVE video calls

And with easy to follow PDF instructions

In just 30 minutes a day for 5 days, I will give you the gifts of Vision, Action, Gratitude, Leverage, and Confidence.


You'll even get the recordings of these calls FREE.

Included in this program...

  • Easy to Follow Instructions for Five Powerful Exercises

    When you order, you'll begin receiving a series of easy to follow PDFs explaining step by step how to use the exercises to immediately impact your life.

  • Live Daily Videos Calls

    To ensure that you have a full understanding of each exercise it and how it best works for you, I will be hosting a daily video call, one for each exercise. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, and some participants will even get the opportunity to work through the exercise with me. Recordings of each session will be shared with you.

  • Personal Strategy Session by Phone

    Everyone's particular needs are different, so I will get on the phone with you to do a Personal Strategy Session. We'll discuss your personal challenges and help you develop a game plan to work towards your best life.

  • Digital Copy of the Revised Edition of The Guy Who Knows A Guy

    I recently released the Revised Edition of my book The Guy Who Knows A Guy. You will be one of the first people to get a digital copy of the book that started my business.


Exercise 1


If you don't know where you want to go, any road will do. In this exercise you will...

  • Gain a clear image in your mind of where want your life to go.

  • Develop an appreciation of how far you have already come.

  • Find focus to determine next steps to move towards your best life.


Exercise 2


When we try to do everything at once, we end up doing nothing.


In this exercise, we will do an assessment of all the aspects of your life and identify areas for immediate action. This will give you...

  • Immediate next steps to achieve impactful results.

  • A tool to use again and again to maintain focus.

  • An ongoing sense of progress and purpose.


Exercise 3


When we appreciate what we have, we are better able to seek more.


You have many good things in your life, and practicing gratitude allows you to focus on the good you have. Since your life follows your focus, focusing on the good will bring more good to you.


This exercise will...

  • Help you to appreciate all that you already have.

  • Strengthen your closest relationships by making you think of them in a most positive way.

  • Give you more satisfaction in the life you now live.


Exercise 4


Most people know an average of 250 people. That means that, on average, your network contains 62,500 people. Anything you want to achieve, any answer you need, can probably be found in that network if you know how to leverage it.


In this exercise you will...

  • Learn what you have to offer to others in a networking context and how to build mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Develop focus in your networking efforts.

  • Gain the ability to leverage your network to move towards your goals while helping them move towards theirs.


Exercise 5


You already have the potential for greatness within yourself, whether you can see it or not. In this exercise, we will use a focused visualization to connect yourself with the self that has already achieved your success.


In this exercise you will...

  • Develop a conviction that you can, will, and must succeed.

  • Discover the next steps on the path to success.

  • Learn a powerful exercise to always remain focused on the greatness within you.

The Guy Who Knows A Guy


Get a FREE Digital Copy of My Book

In addition to learning the five powerful exercises above, you will also receive a FREE digital copy of the Revised Edition of my book on networking The Guy Who Knows A Guy


In the book you will learn...

  • How to adopt a confident networker attitude

  • How to help yourself by helping others

  • How to discover just how powerful your network really is

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